How to set aside tabs on Firefox

Microsoft Edge has a neat feature called ‘set aside tabs’. It lets you close a group of tabs that you have open and recall them whenever you need to. The feature is unlike anything other modern browsers have to offer. At the most, you can open recently closed tabs, or you can open links from your browsing history but that too has limitations if you use Chrome. Set aside tabs is a unique feature that Edge has. If you’d like to set aside tabs on Firefox, you can use an add-on called Set Aside.

Set aside tabs on Firefox

Install the Set Aside add-on. It will add a button to the title bar. It looks like a phone with an arrow pointing left. Click it, and all the tabs that you have open in the current window will be set aside. This will also close the tabs that are going to be set aside so there will be data loss if you’re working on a document or something similar.

how to set aside tabs on How to set aside tabs on Firefox

Once the tab has been set aside, you will want to recall them at some point. To do that, tap the Alt key on your keyboard. This will reveal the menu options on the title bar that are normally hidden on the modern Firefox UI.

From the menu, go to View>Sidebar>Tabs you’ve set aside. This will open a sidebar much like the History sidebar that opens in Firefox. From the sidebar, you’ll be able to select which tabs to reopen. You can also restore all the tabs you’ve set aside, and remove individual tabs from the ones you’ve set aside.

how to set aside tabs on firefox 1 How to set aside tabs on Firefox

Compared to the same feature on Edge, the add-on is an excellent replica. The only downside, or rather shortcoming is how you recall tabs that have been set aside. On Edge, there’s a dedicated button for opening the panel and closing it is just as easy. With this add-on, and on Firefox, the View menu is one too many clicks for it to be convenient to recall the tabs.

Inconvenience aside, the feature is still useful. Since it replicates the feature on Edge, it has the same shortcomings e.g., you cannot set aside just one tab from the ones that are open. You can right-click a tab that’s been set aside and bookmark it which isn’t something you can do on Edge. If you do need to set aside just one tab, you can separate it to its own window, and then click the button to set it aside.

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