How to unsubscribe to spam in Gmail

Gmail has always been good at detecting spam and making sure it never appears in your inbox. There are always exceptions. Gmail has an intelligent algorithm that identifies spam but spammers tend to wise up quickly and manage to fool it. It is an ever evolving process but Gmail manages to stay on top of it. If spam makes it your inbox, you can mark it as spam and Gmail will (eventually) stop it from appearing in your inbox. You can also unsubscribe to spam in Gmail if it’s coming from a service. Here’s how.

Unsubscribe to spam

Spam can come from a service. This often happens when your email has been used to sign you up for a service. A good service will always ask that you confirm an account but we’re talking about services that spam and they don’t tend to confirm much.

To unsubscribe to spam in Gmail, open your inbox and select a message from the service that has been spamming you. Click the spam button at the top and you will see a message asking if you want to unsubscribe to the service as well.

how to unsubscribe to spam in gmail How to unsubscribe to spam in Gmail

Click the Report spam & unsubscribe button and the message will be marked as spam, and you will be unsubscribed from receiving more messages from the same domain.

how to unsubscribe to spam in gmail 1 How to unsubscribe to spam in Gmail

Remember that not every spam message originates from a service so the unsubscribe option may not appear for all of them.

This won’t remove the spam messages that are already in your inbox, at least not right away. It will only remove the one that you marked as spam. It will also prevent subsequent messages from making it to your inbox. You can choose to delete the other, older messages in bulk, or mark them as spam in bulk. To do that, select them all and click the spam button.

Spam, and spammers can be tricky. You may mark a message as spam but they have your email so the messages could come back from a different domain. That doesn’t mean the spam filter isn’t working. If nothing, Google is great at fighting spam. There’s a good chance that even with a different domain, the message won’t make it back to your inbox because Gmail will learn the language, and the message pattern that was used in the message.

It seems this feature isn’t available in the Gmail apps for iOS and Android, which is odd. The unsubscribe feature in Gmail is somewhat new but it should have been integrated into the iOS and Android apps by now.

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