Fixing Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Issues

This article discusses how to easily set up a Windows 365 Cloud PC and provides solutions for common provisioning issues related to Hybrid Azure AD and Azure AD. The article presents error messages that may appear during the setup process and suggests fixes for each issue. The errors may occur due to missing service connection point (SCP) records, synchronization delays, or incorrect organizational unit (OU) scope. The article also notes that some Windows 365 Business Cloud PC users may face provisioning issues, including those with Microsoft Intune or without Azure AD Premium P1. Microsoft technical resources are available to help users troubleshoot these issues.

The article also answers two frequently asked questions: how long it takes to provision a Cloud PC (up to 30 minutes) and how to change the Provisioning policy in Windows 365 (through the Microsoft Intune admin center). The grace period for Cloud PC is seven days after which the user will lose access and the Cloud PC will be de-provisioned.

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