How to Eliminate “Run as Administrator” from the Context Menu in Windows 11

If you want to disable the Run as administrator option in the right-click context menu of Windows 11, you can tweak the Windows Registry. This option allows you to run supported applications with full administrator access, but it may not be necessary in some cases. Once you disable this option, it will not work on Start menu items, desktop items, or anywhere else. If you try to use it, you will see an error message. However, you can enable it again whenever needed. Before making any changes to the Registry, create a system restore point or backup the Registry and log in with an administrator account. To remove the Run as administrator option, follow the steps carefully. To enable it again, follow the process for each file type. You can also use the Shift key to temporarily access the Run as different user option in the context menu. If you want to disable the default context menu of Windows 11 File Explorer, use the Group Policy Editor.

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