How to use category codes in the Netflix apps

Netflix sorts its content into various categories but by default, you don’t see all the categories on the home page. You will see common categories even though Netflix has quite a few of them. These categories can be browsed if you know the code for one, and if you watch Netflix in your browser. If you use the Netflix app for Windows 10 or you use the Android or iOS Netflix apps, there’s no way to enter the code since there is no URL to edit. Here’s how you can use the category codes in Netflix apps.

Category codes in Netflix

You can use any category code of your choice but we’re going to use code 3719 which is for Zombies. There are two ways to use category codes in the Netflix app. In both cases, you will use the search bar but what differs is what you put in the search bar.

To start, enter the category code in the search bar and see what shows up. If the content is relevant, the code is working and you’re good to go. If the content isn’t relevant though, it means the app build you have doesn’t recognize the category by its number. In that case, you need to use the name. In the search bar, enter the full name of the category e.g., Zombies.

how to use category codes in the netflix apps How to use category codes in the Netflix apps

The search results will display related content. If you see the category name displayed somewhere under ‘Suggestions’ tap/click it to view content for it.

how to use category codes in the netflix apps 1 How to use category codes in the Netflix apps

You can try comparing the content you get in the app with what you get in the browser and there will be overlapping titles. The results won’t ever be the same since there is an algorithm at work here which chooses what to show you.

The search is also going to be subject to geographical restrictions. What this means is that while you’re able to explore content categories that are hidden, you won’t see content that isn’t available in your region. If you want to expand your search to include content from other regions, you’re going to have to use a VPN for Netflix.

The Netflix apps and its web interface show only a small fraction of its content categories and in most cases, it’s only popular ones. Rarely are the categories tailored towards the user’s viewing habits e.g, you might see a Documentary category if you’ve watched a few documentaries on Netflix but that really is as niche as it generally gets which is why the category codes are so popular.

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