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How to create a rmskin file to package Rainmeter skins

An RMSKIN file is how Rainmeter skins are distributed. If you’ve made a skin for your own personal use and you don’t intend to publish it, you don’t really need to make the RMSKIN file. The INI file can be used just as effectively. The benefit of an RMSKIN file …

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How to create a text file with TextEdit on macOS

macOS comes with some of the best stock apps you’ll find on any desktop OS. Its Photos app is unparalleled, and recent Macs that come with newer macOS versions will come with the iWork apps installed by default. This includes apps like iMovie and Garage Band. macOS has excellent apps …

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How to get Edge Tab Set Aside in Chrome

Microsoft is in the process of rebuilding Edge. It’s now entirely based on Chromium which means it has the same features that Chrome does. You can install Chrome extensions to it, as well as Chrome themes. The original Edge had some useful features one of which was to set tabs …

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