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How to install the Antu icon theme on Linux

Antu is a beautiful KDE icon theme that redesigns the drab, default Breeze look into a colorful, stylish one. It’s a great icon theme to use if you find the stock KDE icons dull. While Antu is a re-imagining of the KDE Plasma desktop’s Breeze icons, it also is compatible …

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How to use Siri to remember where you parked on iOS

Siri has access to your location data and it uses the information to show you the weather and run shortcuts that need to use your location, among other things. Location data is generally used by map apps, weather apps, or any other variation of these that help you find some …

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How to use ZFS on root in Ubuntu 19.10

ZFS on root is a new feature of Ubuntu 19.10. With it, Ubuntu users can experience the raw power of the ZFS file system on the root Linux partition. In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up ZFS on root for Ubuntu. Before we begin ZFS is a …

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