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How to fix a frozen XFCE Linux desktop

The XFCE4 desktop environment is a lightweight powerhouse of a desktop environment. It’s rock-solid and rarely crashes, due to how reliable and stable its codebase is. That said, nothing is 100% perfect, and problems can happen on even the most sturdy of desktops. So, here’s how to fix a frozen …

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How to install the Zafiro icon pack on Linux

The Zafiro icon pack is a flat, clean icon theme created for Linux users. It follows along with the ever-popular flat design scheme that many other Linux icon themes stick to these days, but with a twist. Each of the icons is carefully crafted, well colored, and beautiful to look …

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How to boot to the Troubleshoot menu on Windows 10

If Windows 10 fails to start several times in succession, you’re eventually taken to the Troubleshoot menu where there are multiple options/tools at your disposal to fix the problem. If you’re on your desktop, you can go to the Settings app and under the recovery options, you can access the …

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