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How to test mouse buttons

A mouse is a fairly simple peripheral that most people use every day. They’re plug & play devices and you only need a specific driver for them if the mouse is a gaming mouse with more than the traditional two buttons an ordinary mouse has. The gaming mouse might still …

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How to play a video with FFMPEG on Windows 10

FFMPEG is the go to tool for converting video and audio files. It can also be used to crop a video, extract a frame, find the framerate of a video, among other things. It is often used by other media apps as a backend. FFMPEG isn’t just for editing videos. …

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How to fix Thunderbird profile version error in Ubuntu

Are you an avid Thunderbird email user on Ubuntu? Have you ever tried to import a Thunderbird email profile from a backup to a new Ubuntu installation, only to find out that it won’t launch? As it turns out, this error occurs when the Thunderbird profile was created on a …

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