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How to show password feedback in the Linux terminal

One of the most irritating things that new Linux users face when they start using the Linux command-line terminal is the lack of password feedback in the terminal. It can be very jarring to enter your password in the terminal only to see that no asterisks or symbols are indicating …

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How to install the PuTTy SSH client on Linux

PuTTY is the go-to SSH client on Microsoft Windows. But did you know that it is possible to install this program on Linux too? In this guide, we’ll go over how to get the PuTTY SSH client up and running on all major Linux operating systems. Ubuntu installation instructions For …

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How to safely uninstall Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10

Minecraft has various versions of the game that offer different structures to play in and somewhat varied storylines. One such version is Minecraft Dungeons and it has a bug where, if you uninstall the app, it will wipe your SSD or HDD. It’s not fun. Minecraft Dungeons uninstall bug The …

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