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How to identify real download links and buttons

Ads are how online content is ‘paid’ for. The content might be a useful article, or it might be a hosted file that you can download. In either case, ads keep the lights on and allow you to consume the content you need for free. Sure, the ads are annoying …

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How to force UWP apps to use the GPU on Windows 10

PCs can have a single graphics card, or they can have a graphics card and a dedicated GPU. It all depends on what you buy. A PC with a dedicated GPU will cost more but it will be more capable than a PC without one. If you’re looking to run …

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How to activate hot corners with modifier keys on macOS

Hot corners are a macOS feature that allow you to activate certain features of the OS by moving your mouse cursor to one of four corners on the screen. It’s a neat feature that is easy to replicate on Windows 10. On macOS, they’re fairly popular however, the way a …

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