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How to run multiple VLC player instances on Windows 10

Media players normally only run one instance at a time and this makes sense. No one can play two different audio files or video files at the same time and still understand what’s going on. People don’t listen to two songs at once, and no one watches two movies side-by-side. …

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How to auto hide the menu bar and Dock on macOS

macOS lets you work in full screen not matter which app you’re working in. Full screen app support on macOS is ahead of the curve; a full screen app acts like a desktop space, and you can pin two apps side by side in full screen mode. In full screen, …

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How to install MicroPad on Linux

Micropad is a powerful note-taking program for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The developers of the program claim it allows users to “take notes without restrictions.” If you’re in the market for a new note app for Linux, follow along below and learn how to install MicroPad on Linux! Ubuntu/Debian instructions …

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