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What’s the Best Webcam for Linux? (2020 Edition)

In the market for a new webcam? Need to find one that will work well with your Linux PC? We can help! Here are 4 webcams with excellent Linux compatibly! How we picked A webcam displays your digital self to others online through video conferences, one-on-one calls, and even broadcasts …

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How to use the Linux Chromium browser without Google

Love the Chromium web browser, but can’t stand that it connects to Google services? Do you wish you could use it without dealing with Google’s invasive technology? It turns out you can, with Ungoogled Chromium! It’s a version of the Chromium browser completely stripped of all Google-related technology! Here’s how …

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How to open the Control Panel on Windows 10

The Control Panel was used to customize Windows before Windows 10. It was the go-to app for configuring everything on Windows from the wallpaper to the firewall settings. Control Panel was and remains a desktop app that Microsoft is looking to, eventually, phase out. In its place is the Settings …

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