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How to open any terminal app from Nautilus

Gnome Shell’s file manager Nautilus has an excellent feature that allows users to right-click in any folder and select “Open terminal” to immediately gain access to a terminal. The problem is, this “Open terminal” feature only works with Gnome Terminal and not any old terminal app. If you love the …

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How to fix Bluetooth stopped working on Windows 10

Bluetooth technology has been around for years and it’s gotten pretty good. We’re at the point where users can connect all sorts of peripherals, including speakers and headphones, over Bluetooth, and get great audio quality. An internet connection can be shared with a Windows 10 system over Bluetooth, and game …

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How to open Windows Defender on Windows 10

Windows Defender is the stock anti-virus that comes with Windows 10. It controls the firewall, keeps malware off your system, offers protection against ransomware, monitors websites and downloads in your browser, and tells you if your system settings need to be optimized, among other things. It’s a good app and …

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